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Collection: Clean Water, Refreshing Shower - SONAKI's promise to you

What is a CleanMax shower?

▶ CleanMax shower is designed to provide the best performance in shower.

 CleanMax shower has the same filter performance like a sediment filter in a water purifier.

▶ CleanMax shower can save water and money.

 CleanMax shower has various products you can choose.

 CleanMax shower is pleasure itself. 

Why should I change shower head to a CleanMax shower?

▶ It's simple. You deserve clean water and refreshing shower every moment. 

How can I know that I need a CleanMax shower?

▶ If you fit into more than 2 categories below, CleanMax shower is a must.

 You use well water. Well water has lots of iron in it.

 You worry about the health of your family due to rusty water.

 You live in an old house.

 You want to save water & money.

 You want clean water. 

How can I believe that a CleanMax shower removes impurities?

 ▶ Seeing is believing. It's SSH-123CR shower head.









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