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[VCF-03P] PureMax & Vitamin C Filter Set for a SUF-300VPX
[VCF-03P] PureMax & Vitamin C Filter Set for a SUF-300VPX

[VCF-03P] PureMax & Vitamin C Filter Set for a SUF-300VPX

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     * PureMax Filter

  • Reduces Rust, Impurity, Bacteria, Heavy Metals and Chlorine.
  • Small, but it has 4-stage in one filter
  • Compact Sized Multi Layers Filter combined with  ACF (Activated Carbon Fiber)
  • ACF has X10 absorptive ratio and X200 absorptive capacity to conventional carbon filter
  • The life span maximized with the Ultra-Graded Density
  • Easy to change filter
  • 5,000 liters/filter life time*
     * Vitamin C Filter
  • Removes chlorine, chloramines and THMs
  • 99% of removal rate
  • Environment-friendly food grade Vitamin C
  • Six patented technologies
  • No water flow drop
  • Fast & instant reaction with chlorine
  • Easy to check the filter life time (translucent case)
  • One month filter life time for 4 members of family (5,000 liters/filter)*

* It depends on local water quality, usage pattern of user, and other environments.

    • No dry & irritated skin
    • No more damaged & brittle hair
    • No flaky-itching scalp
    • No Redness and burning of the eyes
    • Enjoying long hot shower without inhaling toxic chemical vapor
    • Providing Vitamin C to your skin
    • Maintaining healthy skin by taking away negative effects of chlorine 
    • Removal of particulates as small as 1 microns, helping improve water clarity
    • No worries about rusty shower water
    • Clean shower water anytime
    • Good for a house which is old or uses well water