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Old water pipes can be a pain. They can leak. They can give you miserable water pressure. Some old pipes can cause lead poisoning, a serious health hazard. And rusty pipes cause lots of different types of problems.

If your home was built before 1986, a strong possibility exists that the pipes can cause lead poisoning. Below chart is the survey result about “how old are the houses in German”. As you can see, about 70% of houses are more than 30 years old which can directly link to old water pipes issues.

Lead poisoning can cause retarded development in babies and children. Adults affected by lead poisoning will experience increases in blood pressure or possibly kidney damage.

Warm water, especially, causes lead to enter the drinking water. It's best to consume cold drinking water. If your house does contain lead pipes, you will need a professional water pipe installation project.

Problems Caused By Rust

Water pipes can also rust, which will severely impact the quality of water that you receive. Rust causes your water to become hard. Your clothes feel stiff and scratchy and look dingy. When taking a shower, soap film remains on your skin. This makes it hard to remove bacteria and dirt. Dishes may build up deposits on them, as well.

Rust causes an unpleasant taste in drinking water. It may make your water looked dirty. Rust also increases the rate at which the pipes become clogged. Although there have been always modernization on / in the house, but the water line has not yet been replaced frequently.

The reasons mentioned above are simple and plain why you need to use water filters for drinking and shower water. SONAKI shower filters reduce iron and lead in the water, so they make water cleaner. Use SONAKI filters and feel the differences.

Experiment using SONAKI SSH-123CR K shower head

As you can see below, filtered SSH-123CR K shower head removes particles above 5um perfectly, and lets only pure water go through it. Therefore you can enjoy clean shower water even though your water pipes are old enough to make troubles. Why don't you try it today !! We believe that you will feel the difference and be satisfied with our products.

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