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[MPS-50CRD] Modison Pet shower head _ Silver Dog
[MPS-50CRD] Modison Pet shower head _ Silver Dog
[MPS-50CRD] Modison Pet shower head _ Silver Dog
[MPS-50CRD] Modison Pet shower head _ Silver Dog

[MPS-50CRD] Modison Pet shower head _ Silver Dog

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A special present for your pets. Refresh them with MODISON pet showerehead

The innovative Modison Pet shower head has a silicone circle cover which prevents your pet's ears from water. So no more accidental soap in your pet's eyes and no more worries about their ears. And also the massaging knobs on the head help to release the dirt that gets stuck in the long hair of your pets. It helps your pets who have skin trouble and the shower head makes it very easy to bathe the pets. The shower head hook up with detachable hose and nozzle which make accessing the head very easy.

  • 2 SPRAY MODE: Shower, Stop
  • Eco STOP function (reduction of flow rate)
  • Ergonomic design for a good grip
  • Round silicon cap and conical protuberance
  • Shower head and filter are easy to install, NO TOOL REQUIRED
  • FITS ALL standard shower hoses
  • The new concept MODISON shower has a round cap to prevent water from getting into dog's ears.
  • The MODISON shower is a shower head that is well foamed when shampooing and is thoroughly cleaned with foam.
  • The MODISON shower, which is designed to be easy for pet shower, is a patented design shower. It has a round cap that reduces water splashing and an ON/OFF switch button. It is easy to use and a new concept pet shower with patented design.
  • It is equipped with conical cleaning protuberance, and it can wash shampoo to the skin and hair. It also has acupressure and mmassage effect.
  • It can wash thoroughly between the soles of the feet and the toenails, which are difficult to clean with the conical silicon protusion, so that you can shower easily.
  • Silicone cap is attched to prevent water splashing in every direction.
  • Water saving is an additional bonus because there is ON/OFF button.



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