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[PMF-03] PureMax filter cartridges for SUF-300VPX or SUF-200P (3pcs)
[PMF-03] PureMax filter cartridges for SUF-300VPX or SUF-200P (3pcs)

[PMF-03] PureMax filter cartridges for SUF-300VPX or SUF-200P (3pcs)

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  • Reduces Rust, Iron, Impurity, Bacteria, Heavy Metals and Chlorine.
  • Small, but it has 4-stage in one filter
  • Compact Sized Multi Layers Filter combined with  ACF (Activated Carbon Fiber)
  • ACF has X10 absorptive ratio and X200 absorptive capacity to conventional carbon filter
  • The life span maximized with the Ultra-Graded Density
  • Easy to change filter
  • 5,000 liters/filter life cycle*

* It depends on water quality, usage pattern of user, and other environments.

  • Removal of particulates as small as 1 microns, helping improve water clarity
  • No worries about rusty shower water
  • Clean shower water anytime
  • Easy to notice when to change the filter
  • Good for a house which is old or uses well water
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Maintaining healthy skin by taking away negative effects of chlorine
PureMax filter has one combined filter with 4 steps:
1. 5um anti-bacterial sediment block to filter large particles
2. ACF filter to reduce rust, impurities, bacteria, heavy metals and chlorine
3. 1um anti-bacterial sediment block to filter impurities above 1um size
4. FIR ceramic ball to make water cluster smaller
Material that absorbs odors from the air or impurities from liquids. Because activated carbon fiber provides an extremely high absorption/desorption speed compared with powdered or granular activated carbon, ACF is extensively used in the field of air and water purification. The ACF has highly developed micro pores with generally a diameter of under 2nm. Its absorbing capacitance is 10 times bigger than that of other activated carbons, and the speed, 100 times faster. It is well known for its efficiency in air and water cleaning filters.


Activated Carbon


Absorption Speed

In the activated carbon arrayed in the microgroove, the adsorption rate is slow because the adsorbed molecules must travel long passages until they reach the micro pores.

Since the diffusion resistance of the adsorbed material is small, effective micro pores are arranged from the surface, so that the adsorption is carried out quickly.

Specific surface area

300 - 600 m2/g

1,300 - 1,500 m2/g

Adsorption rate

Adsorption rate is slow due to time and elapsed time to reach micro pores during fluid adsorption, and the volume of adsorption is relatively small due to the small volume of micro pores.

Amount of adsorbed per unit weight: 30 - 35%

The amount of adsorbed per unit weight is much larger than that of granular activated carbon.

 The amount of adsorption per unit weight: 45 - 50%

The adsorption amount is 10 times higher than that of general GAC, and the adsorption rate is 100 times faster.

Pore structure

Three types of configuration - Macro, transitional, micro pore

  (Adsorption takes place in the micro pore)


All of them are composed of Micro pores - As shown in the figure, they have a constant ratio and a large amount of micro pore, so that the adsorption rate is fast and the adsorption amount per unit weight is very large.